‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ - In cooperation with BioVale

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 14.30, Stage 3


Dr. Maria GarciaCEO - BindEthics

About this Session

BioVale’s ‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ flash talk session, hosted by Anna Zhenova, CEO Green Rose Chemistry, will showcase innovative research, entrepreneurs and SMEs offering a range of sustainable, low carbon, novel and drop-in bio-based products, processes, and services.

Speakers and organisations taking part in the flash talk session include:

  • Session host: Anna Zhenova, CEO – Green Rose Chemistry
  • Dr Fergal Byrne, Co-Founder – Addible
  • Maria Garcia, CEO – Bindethics
  • Natalia Stawniak, CEO Nuspec Oil
  • Susan Brench, CEO – Starbons
  • Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner – CEO Lixea
  • Dr. Andrew West – Chief Chemist, Bio-Sep
  • Gareth Little, HVB Enterprise Felllow
  • Dr. Joyce Bennett, HVB Enterprise Fellow / Business Manager of MORF
  • Dr Harriet Berry, HVB Enterprise Fellow and CEO – Natural Compound Solutions (NATCOM)

  • Presentation: ‘Bio-adhesives of the future.’

Speaker: Dr Maria Garcia, CEO Bindethics (https://www.bindethics.com/)

Bio: Maria graduated from the National University of Ireland (Galway) before moving to The Netherlands to study a MSc in Organic synthesis. As a chemist Maria worked in startups, midsize- and large businesses having successful breakthroughs in the lab and creating sustainable products. Maria loves expanding the frontier of research creating products that will shape our future and clearly improve our lives on earth.


BindEthics are developing sustainable, bio-based adhesives that are nontoxic and have low environmental impact; providing a solution to a global problem. Their innovative Bio- adhesive can replace the formaldehyde-based glue used to make engineered wood that can be recycled and can be used in a circular, resource-efficient, economy. Our research advances with light speed to achieve the same physical properties, scalability and manufacturability of traditional adhesives.