Dr. Mark Pemberton

Director - Global MSDS Ltd

Presentation Title : Developments in risk assessment and regulation requirements for polymers

Abstract : For many years polymers were privileged in terms of regulatory requirements when compared with substances. Many regions have specific requirements of polymers of concern that are historically based upon US EPA TSCA Polymer exception criteria. Currently Canada, Australia and the EU are revisiting requirements for Polymers. EU REACH does not currently require registration or evaluation of polymers, but under Article 138(2) the Commission is required to review the risks they pose and the need for registration of certain types of polymer. A 2015 study conducted for the Commission focused more on identification of polymers of low concern (PLCs) and grouping similar polymers whereas the current project awarded to Wood and PFA is charged with a) proposing criteria for the identification of PoCs; b) identifying risks to human health and the environment that are posed specifically by polymers beyond those identified for substances; and c) providing a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the registration requirements for the purposes of impact assessment. The report due later this year will pave the way to the introduction of new registration requirements under REACH for polymers of concern (PoC). The speaker will review the regulatory landscape, developments and highlight the complexities that will be encountered by regulators and industry in meeting this objective.

: Dr Mark Alan Pemberton Mark is an industrial Regulatory Toxicologist with 40 years’ experience of toxicology and global regulatory affairs within different sectors of the chemical industry including general chemicals, polymers, films and specialty chemicals. Mark has hands-on practical experience of all aspects of industrial toxicology from toxicology testing, contracting, occupational health, risk assessment, product registration, food contact regulations and regulatory compliance to litigation defence. Mark has 30 years’ experience managing trade associations in Europe and North America and sits on several European, US and UK, National regulatory panels and workgroups. Mark is a member of the European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) Scientific Committee and has worked on, chaired and directed numerous task forces on chemical and regulatory issues. Currently Mark’s client base covers all 3 regions of the world. Mark is the co-owner director of Global MSDS Ltd. Global MSDS provides SDS and labelling services and software to the chemicals and related industries.