Dr Mojgan Moddaresi

Director - Personal Care Regulatory Ltd

Presentation Title : An overview between the REACH requirements for chemical ingredients and cosmetics regulation

Abstract : Cosmetic products are a mixture of chemical ingredients. Based on the EU regulation 1223, 2009 there is an emphasis on the safety of each chemical ingredient for evaluating the safety of the mixture. Meanwhile, the cosmetic regulation prohibits placing products/or products with ingredients on the market which has been tested on animals. In this presentation, the relationship between animal testings ban in cosmetics and REACH requirements for chemical ingredients will be discussed.

: Dr. Moddaresi is a regulatory expert and director of at Personal care Regulatory Ltd. (www.personalcareregulatory.eu), a testing lab, based in Cambridge, with extensive experience in dealing with the safety assessment of cosmetic products. She is a pharmacist in training (PharmD) with a PhD in cosmetic science. She is the honorary treasurer and a member of the Council of Society of Cosmetics Scientists, UK (SCS), Chartered Biologist, Member of British Toxicology Society and a Fellow of Royal Society of Biology UK.