‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ - In cooperation with BioVale

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 14.30, Stage 3


Dr. Natalia StawniakCEO Nuspec Oil

About this Session

BioVale’s ‘Innovation in bio-based chemicals’ flash talk session, hosted by Anna Zhenova, CEO Green Rose Chemistry, will showcase innovative research, entrepreneurs and SMEs offering a range of sustainable, low carbon, novel and drop-in bio-based products, processes, and services.

Speakers and organisations taking part in the flash talk session include:

  • Session host: Anna Zhenova, CEO – Green Rose Chemistry
  • Dr Fergal Byrne, Co-Founder – Addible
  • Maria Garcia, CEO – Bindethics
  • Dr. Natalia Stawniak, CEO Nuspec Oil
  • Susan Brench, CEO – Starbons
  • Krisztina Kovacs-Schreiner – CEO Lixea
  • Dr. Andrew West – Chief Chemist, Bio-Sep
  • Gareth Little, HVB Enterprise Felllow
  • Dr. Joyce Bennett, HVB Enterprise Fellow / Business Manager of MORF
  • Dr Harriet Berry, HVB Enterprise Fellow and CEO – Natural Compound Solutions (NATCOM)

  • Presentation: ‘Pioneering development of biodegradable and thermo-stable base oils for lubricant and chemical industry’

Dr Natalia Stawniak, CEO Nuspec Oil (https://nuspec-oil.com/)

Bio: Dr Natalia Stawniak obtained her PhD in Agriculture from the University of Reading. Formerly, she worked extensively on various R&D projects in the field of circular economy with regional SMEs, blue-chip companies and research institutes. In 2018, Natalia was awarded Enterprise Fellowship from the University of York, and since then she continues to develop her entrepreneurial skills as a member of Chartered Management Institute (CMI). Together with Boris and Ian, she co-founded Nuspec Oil to decrease pollution from mineral oil. At Nuspec Oil, she unlocks the value of vegetable oils through novel processing and building long-lasting partnerships with industry and academia.

Nuspec Oil

Nuspec Oil is a UK-based company focused on developing and manufacturing biodegradable base oils that replace toxic mineral oils in the production of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs). Nuspec Oil uses proprietary feedstock and processing technique, which enable to unlock the value of vegetable oils in the production of marine and industrial lubricants. Nuspec Oil’s products offer superlubricity, biodegradability and renewability, no re-formulation and re-approval costs of finished lubricants and reduced carbon emissions by 80% per tone of the product.