Feature 'EnterprisePlus' scheme - insight session

Feature 'EnterprisePlus' scheme - insight session - Hosted by Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)


Dr. Patrick DoddsChief Executive Officer and Founder of Hexigone

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.00 to 14.30, Stage 2

About this session

This presentation will explore several smart additives for coatings which provide various functionalities and “bring them to life” such as chemically intelligent corrosion inhibitors enabling self-healing coatings and antimicrobial additives which make coatings key to preventing the spread of diseases in hospitals.

Additional Information:

Hexigone now has over 40 partners who are formulating with its products, ranging from multi-billion pound coating manufacturers to steel producers to smaller niche coating manufacturers. Strong evidence from these independent validations shows Hexigone products (notably AX1) outperforming the market leaders in the respective industries (Fig.1). Where compatible, Hexigone has so far shown outperformance of reference pigments 100% of the time.

Speaker Bio

Patrick is an Honorary Research Fellow within the College of Engineering, Swansea University. He studied Chemistry for his first degree and subsequently worked within environmental chemistry and pharmaceutical science research before specialising in corrosion and coatings. He holds an MRes in Steel Technology and an EngD in Materials Engineering. His research has been published in peer reviewed journals and presented at leading international conferences, including invited lectures at the European Coating Technology Conference. In addition, he was a finalist in 2015 and a winner in 2017, in an international innovation competition, one of only 50 teams selected from over 5000 global entries. Patrick has had a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, which involved intensive business training, focusing on growing start-ups into sustainable companies