Future of Innovation and Collaboration in the UK


Dr. Peter ClarkHead of Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology - Knowledge Transfer Network

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.00 to 12.00, Stage 1

About this session

The panel will discuss the future of Innovation & Collaboration in the UK. How will Universities and companies work and collaborate across borders with Regulatory uncertainty? Will the UK be able to attract the best talent, both students and post-graduate, and how will this affect the Innovation potential of the UK?

Panel Host: : Dr Darren Budd, BASF plc

Guest panellists:

  • Dr Graeme Cruickshank – Chief Technology & Innovation Officer – CPI
  • Dr Fiona Jamieson – Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Senior Executive – Faculty of Natural Sciences  at Imperial College London
  • Dr Peter Clark – Head of Chemistry & Industrial Biotechnology – Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Speaker Bio

Peter is Head of Chemistry & Industrial Biotechnology at KTN overseeing programmes & activities where innovation in chemistry and industrial biotechnology can play a key role in creating positive change. Peter has a detailed understanding of the innovation ecosystem and of the key challenges and opportunities for innovators in the mentioned sectors. He works closely with key stakeholders from Government and the private sector to develop new programmes/ initiatives to accelerate innovation. Key interests include supporting the move to a Net Zero and Circular Economy; developing new supply chains for Raw Materials and Feedstocks and the adoption of digitalisation techniques. Peter’s team actively supports cross-sector KTN programmes related to industrial decarbonisation, batteries, critical raw materials, circular plastics, hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels. Peter holds a PhD in Chemistry from the Clean Technology Group at University of Nottingham. Prior to joining KTN, Peter spent more than eight years in Australia gaining a broad range of experience by working across research & innovation, industry consulting, policy development and managing sustainability programmes for the chemicals sector.