What are the critical technologies we need to deploy in order to make chemicals for a Net Zero World and do we have the capability in the UK to scale them?


Dr. Peter ClarkKnowledge Transfer Network

Time & Location

Wednesday: 14.20 to 14.40, Stage 3

About this session

In this session Peter will highlight where we have strengths in capability – in academia, Research & Training Organisations, through to our vibrant start-up and SME community – to develop and scale-up the technologies that will be critical as part of our transition to manufacturing chemicals in a world of Net Zero carbon emissions.

Peter will also share the latest updates on the Government funding landscape in this area and his thoughts on the critical innovation challenges for the next decade.

Speaker Bio

Peter holds a PhD in Chemistry and has a broad range of experience working in Australia and UK across research & innovation, industry consulting, policy development and managing sustainability programmes for the chemicals sector. In his role at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Peter’s focus is helping to accelerate innovation in chemical feedstocks and more broadly, industrial decarbonisation.