FEATURE Joint Presentation

Technology Strategy Toolkit: The R&D Managers' Secret Weapon


Dr. Philip DoubleTechnical and Commercial Director, John Hogg Technical Solutions

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.00 to 10.20, Stage 1

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Feature joint presentation:

Rob Munro – Associate Industrial Fellow – The Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Dr. Philip Double – Technical and Commercial Director, John Hogg Technical Solutions

Companies are frequently looking for growth, innovation and productivity gains to enhance their prospects over the longer term.

Unfortunately, more 90% of strategy fails to some extent. For business and technology leaders, making sense of new technologies and effectively and at speed is crucial.

Creating well-aligned new product programmes that are rigorously underpinned makes the best use of a firm’s precious resources.

The technology strategy is the key link between the firm’s commercial objectives and its new product pipeline. Research by the IfM has developed a solution to more quickly and effectively develop or refresh the company technology strategy. A modular approach of decision-support methods and workshop facilitation combine to provide a scalable strategic thinking and planning toolkit.

The audience will learn, directly from the company, how IfM assisted John Hogg Technical Solutions to create alignment and coordination of their growth strategy and how the IfM’s strategic approaches were deployed and embedded in the firm to raise capability and make better decisions about technology to achieve growth.

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