Navigating Supply Chain Multiverses: Understand the impacts of emerging AI, Cybersecurity, Digital themed legislative instruments, and how they are likely to impact your future state business model

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.15 to 11.30, Stage 3


Dr Raj TakharRegulatory and Sustainability Expert: Product Sustainability - Assent

About this presentation

New emerging digital themed regulations are appearing globally that will see a fusion between legal obligations, reporting and industry practices as the worlds of physical and virtual products suddenly fuse with one another.

The purpose of the presentation (and paper if requested) is to present a review of the new legislative landscape in different regional jurisdictions and examine the potential impacts on industry.

If we take Europe as an example, the current state legislative landscape does not really define software and associated technologies in the same manner as a physical product, in the event of a failure of a given product, remedial actions would lie in a mixture of contract law or disputes over a physical device, not much recognition of software being a cause of failure.

The emerging EU legislative landscape is very different, as software, data, AI, etc are being defined in the same context as ‘physical’ products and therefore subject to:

(i) new regulations bringing in new registration obligations;

(ii) new safety requirements and several different types of liabilities that organizations will face in the future, due to a mixture of updates to existing product regulations and several new regulations beginning to appear.

The net effect is that companies will soon need to consider risks posed from software, ensuring correct measures to ensure due diligence are followed from both suppliers, the organization itself and by customers.

Speaker Bio

Current Work: Regulatory and Sustainability Expert for Assent Compliance Inc, covering material reporting requirements for the UK and Europe. This involves investigation of numerous regulations and standards, defining appropriate reporting solutions, as well as supporting customer implementations. Previous Work Experiences: Aerospace and Defence (nearly 19 years), Electronics, Engineering & IT systems development. Education: BA, MSc, PhD (‘The effect of chemical regulations on the Aerospace and Defence sector’) Professional: Chartered Engineer, European Chartered Engineer. Standards Development Committees: BSi (representing IET), ASD (representing BSi), ISO, IPC. Stakeholder Groups: Actively participate in numerous workshops related to updates to EU REACH), UK SCIP IT User Group, UK REACH IT Stakeholders group. Strong technical & management skills coupled with a wide range of knowledge in requirements capture, software design and implementation LinkedIN: