Panel Q&A session on "Product realisation & commercialisation"

Guest Panellist

Dr. Rob McElroyPDRA R2LiB at University of York

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.30 to 14.00, Stage 1

About this session:

Panel Q&A session on “Product realisation & commercialisation”

Scientists can take a pragmatic and methodical approach to development projects, and sometimes serendipity helps us, or we just find interesting new raw materials that can be used to create novel surface coatings. Most developments are customer/demand led, others are proactive/blue sky, or reactionary due to regulatory pressures, but how do we get our good ideas to market?

A panel of four people involved with various aspects of the coatings industry and directly involved with new product development will give a brief overview of their perspective on this wide ranging subject.

Graham Armstrong                           President, OCCA

Paul Sheppard                                   Laboratory Manager, HMG Paints

Neil Hollis                                          Regulatory Affairs, BASF

Dr Con Rob McElroy                         University of York

Panellist Bio

Dr Rob McElroy gained his Ph.D in 2007 at Keele University working on the production of composite materials from copolymers incorporating renewable resources.

In 2009 he joined Prof. Pietro Tundo’s Carbonate Chemistry Group at Ca Foscari University of Venice.

He joined the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, University of York as a PDRA in 2011 and has worked on a variety of projects including extraction and separation in supercritical CO2, greening of pharmaceutical chemistry, production of bio-derived polymers and in running an industry facing club focusing on circular economy related research called RenewChem.

His current role is looking at solvent selection in lithium ion battery recycling and reformation as part of the R2LiB project.