GREEN CHEMISTRY: Tackling the plastic pollution challenge?

Speaker + CHAIR: PANEL

Dr. Sarah HickingbottomCEO - Biovale

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.00 to 10.15, Stage 1

About this presentation / panel

The session will explore emerging technologies addressing the plastics pollution problem. It will consider topics such as: the role of bio based plastics, the potential for chemical recycling, and innovative plastic substitutes. Crucially, we will address current confusion over terminology (biobased, biodegradable, compostable), the challenge language poses to industry and how this is being addressed.

10.00 – 10.15:

KEYNOTE:  Dr Sarah Hickingbottom, CEO of BioVale sets the scene with an introductory talk

10.15 – 11.15:

PANEL DISCUSSION plus Q&A: Tackling the plastic pollution challenge?  Panellists include:

Dr. Mark Gronnow –  Process Development Unit Leader, Biorenewables Development Centre (York)

Dr. Ir. Willem Sederel, Chair, Biobased Delta (Netherlands)

Speaker Bio

Dr Sarah Hickingbottom joined BioVale in September after 15 years commercial experience in business development/consultancy along the global bio-based chemicals value chain.

Her expertise extends from agricultural commodity crops and biomass through to  end-use markets via the chemicals themselves.

Sarah’s unique 360° perspective leverages a fruitful, decade-long partnership at LMC International which combined her background in chemicals consulting with LMC’s expertise in agricultural economics and forecasting.

Sarah has advised scores of clients around the globe in due diligence; price forecasting; economic modelling; market research; opportunity analysis; feedstock sourcing strategies; sustainability; end-user needs and value chain analysis.