Green Laboratory Technology: How come other laboratories use less solvents than mine? I'm going green with envy (part of ‘The Green Laboratory ’ feature session)


Dr Simon OsbornePresident - Analytix Ltd

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.00 to 13.00, Stage 2

About this presentation

Green chemistry is but one aspect of the “think green” paradigm. Acting ‘green’ means you can help yourself, your Company, your community, and the environment by saving money, energy, and natural resources. This brief whistle stop presentation distilled from three hours down to fifteen minutes explores how green chemistry interfaces with analytical chemistry with emphasis on sample preparation including microwave-assisted sample treatment. The distillation of the presentation was obviously performed with the addition of a recirculating water chiller (always think ‘green’) and if you stay to the end there’s the possibility of picking up a free book – also green.

Forms part of ‘The Green Laboratory ’ feature session – hosted by Laboratory News

Session overview: ‘The Green Laboratory’ – 1hr feature session (hosted by Laboratory News)

The Green Laboratory: skills, adoption and implementation of green chemistry for both commercial and environment benefits in the modern laboratory

Individual presentations:

1) Green laboratory technology: ‘How come other laboratories use less solvents than mine? I’m going green with envy’

by Dr Simon Osborne, President of Analytix Ltd.

2)  Green laboratory practices: How to extract an income from your commercial waste

by David Hogg, Founder and Managing Director at Rejuvetech ltd.

3) Green laboratory skills: teaching researchers how to investigate the greener synthesis of sustainable chemicals and materials

by Dr Thomas J Farmer, Clean Synthesis Technology Platform Leader, Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence, Department of Chemistry, University of York

4) Session Round-up Q & A

Speaker Bio:

Simon is President at Analytix Ltd , suppliers of sample preparation systems and analytical instrumentation for the chemical and life science markets in the UK and Ireland.