Dr. Steven Raw FRSC CChem

Dr. Steven Raw FRSC CChem, Team Manager, AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Technology and Development

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) brings a major stake holding in the inaugural CHEMUK 2019 event, which includes a ‘2-day hosted Skills & Careers Clinic’ running on the show floor, and is both pre-bookable 1-2-1 consultations or available as a drop-in on the day.  Full details can be viewed on the CHEMUK website – covering both graduate scientists & undergraduate/postgraduate attendees.

Complementing this are daily 30 minute RSC-hosted ‘Skills Development/CPD’ feature sessions,  as part of the 2 day speaker programme

Sessions will be designed to cover the  journey of certification, and the benefits that accrue for both the individual and for organisations, in terms of driving performance/personal & organisational success.

Discussion will be given to skills development at each career stage, with a focus on the competencies that are required for various levels of professional qualification, ultimately leading to Chartership ensuring organisational success now and for the future.

Daily guest speakers, drawn from AstraZeneca  will discuss how their organisations have focussed on skills development , providing invaluable ‘case study’ insight to benefits accruing.

RSC daily ‘guest’ speakers

Wed 1st May, 2019

Dr Steven Raw FRSC CChem, Team Manager, AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical Technology and Development

After studying chemistry at UMIST, Steven went on to complete his PhD studies in natural product synthesis and a postdoctoral research fellowship developing telescoped organic processes at the University of York with Prof Richard Taylor.  He joined AstraZeneca as a process chemist in 2004 and became a team manager in 2010.  He has led chemical development teams delivering projects at all stages of the portfolio, from pre-clinical to launch.  A recent success has been the chemical development and launch of osimertinib (Tagrisso®), one of the fastest pharmaceutical development programmes achieved.  He currently works on projects across the AZ portfolio, including exciting new modalities such as antibody-drug conjugates and oligonucleotides, as well as traditional small-molecule therapies.

Steven is also part of the steering group that directs AstraZeneca’s accredited programme with the RSC.  In addition to providing pathways to chartership for our established chemical scientists, this scheme also provides opportunities for accelerated transition to full membership and attainment of the registered scientist designation to our early-career scientists.