Keynote Presentation

KEYNOTE: Accelerating sustainability in the chemical industry with research databases

Time & Location

Wednesday 10.40 to 11.00, Stage 2


Dr. Suze KunduDirector of Researcher and Community Engagement at Digital Science - Dimensions

About this presentation

There is an urgent need for the chemical industry to become more sustainable, with a greater understanding of and responsibility for feedstocks, product usage, and recycling. There is also a need to maximise the use of resources – by using more efficient manufacturing processes and applying existing processes to make new materials and expand product portfolios and to minimise waste by identifying new applications for existing materials.

Chemical companies are subject to high scrutiny. Advocating for sustainable and innovative strategies in downstream industries must go hand in hand with boosting their own environmental credentials. Those that engage in the sustainability debate and provide appropriate solutions hold an obvious advantage. Finding such solutions requires a thorough interrogation of all available data. However, research is being produced and published at such an unprecedented rate that keeping on top of this task is difficult. In this session we will explore how linked research databases such as Dimensions can uncover sustainability solutions to help researchers overcome these challenges

Speaker Bio:

Dr Suze Kundu is a nanochemist and a science communicator. Suze is Director of Researcher and Community Engagement at Digital Science at Digital Science. Prior to this, Suze was an academic for six years, teaching at Imperial College London and the University of Surrey, having completed her undergraduate degree and PhD in Chemistry at University College London. Suze collects degrees like Pokémon the latest being a Masters from Imperial College London that focused on outreach initiatives and their impact on the retention of women engineering graduates within the profession. Suze is a presenter on many shows on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic, a science expert on TV and radio, a science writer for Forbes and a trustee and regular speaker at The Royal Institution. Suze is also a public speaker, having performed demo lectures and scientific stand-up comedy at events all over the world, on topics ranging from Cocktail Chemistry to the Science of Superheroes.