Mechanical Surface Energy Tester- Prediction of Bulk Flow Properties using 50mg quantity

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.45 to 13.00, Stage 5


Dr Vivek GargResearch and Consulting Engineer - The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, University of Greenwich

About this presentation

In operations and processes for handling powder, particle adhesion force is essential. There are numerous frequently used techniques, including centrifugal detachment and atomic force microscopy (AFM). When measurements are associated to the bulk behaviour of powders, such as powder flow with a range of particle sizes, the majority of approaches, however, have limitations.

The work focuses on a novel test method, which incorporates a mechanical surface energy tester developed at The Wolfson Centre, for measuring forces between particles and surfaces utilising cohesive powders. In order to predict flowability issues at an early stage of formulation using only a small amount of powder sample, the work focuses on predicting the powder flow function using a unique technique in conjunction with common particle properties.

The unique test method’s Bond number for aggregated particles and the powder’s flow function were linked to develop a successful strategy. A variety of materials and particle sizes were used in the experiment. Investigations have been done into particle adherence to various surfaces, including compacted powder and solid materials.

The technique yields successful results. A model has been developed and verified using a large variety of powders, and it is able to predict additional bulk flow property parameters such as unconfined failure strength, compressibility, the effective angle of internal friction, bulk density, and flow function.

Speaker Bio:

Vivek Garg joined Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology in 2017 and has completed his PhD mentored by Professor Michael Bradley at the University of Greenwich, UK. After receiving his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering in 2015, he went on to complete an ME in Thermal Engineering from India in 2017. His PhD focused on linking particle properties with the bulk properties affecting powder flowability. His work not only comprises doing research but also providing consultancy services to various clients involved in bulk solids handling, especially in terms of designing new storage equipment, troubleshooting problems in existing setups and characterising material properties. His one of the keen interest is in the area of handling and sampling techniques used in chemical and food industries. Vivek has been involved in various research projects and has been working in close association with many bulk solids handling industries worldwide. He is presently working as a Research and Consultant Engineer at The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology, University of Greenwich, UK.