Dr. Zsuzsanna Gyenes

Deputy to the Director - IChemE Safety Centre

Presentation Title : Understanding competency via procurement

Abstract : Knowledge and competency has been defined as one of the six pillars of process safety by the IChemE Safety Centre (ISC). It is fundamental to ensure that this competency is managed across an entire organisation, and not just focused on front line workers, associating them with different roles. The members of ISC recognised this as an area of work, to define competency across an entire organisation. This work, culminated in the release of a guidance document in 2015 detailed the process that had been undertaken by representatives of the ISC to develop and agree a process safety competency framework across an entire generic organisation, incorporating a range of competency levels. The members of ISC have lately identified that some roles were missing, and others can be combined. Those additional roles may have an impact or influence process safety and need to be recognised. Some influential roles such as finance and procurement under support functions are introduced, as well as differentiation between quality assurance advisors and corporate assurance roles who would manage corporate audits. It is imperative to get process safety engineers be accustomed with roles and competencies associated with finance and procurement, with the intention of being able to communicate certain needs and obstacles relating to process safety in their role. With gaining knowledge about how to transfer concerns about resources and budget to the people in charge in the most effective way can improve.

Bio : After graduating with a Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering from the Technical University of Budapest, Dr. Zsuzsanna Gyenes worked in disaster management for the Hungarian Government. During this time she obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Public Administration. She then moved into a role as a Seveso Site Inspector for Hungary, at this time she also obtained her PhD cum laude on the development of procedures and tools for the improvement of industrial safety against external effects from the National Defence PhD Institution in Military Technology in Hungary. Following her time as a Seveso Inspector, she was the Head of Section for nuclear Safety in the National Directorate General for Disaster Management in Budapest. Her most recent role was as a Scientific Technical Office for the European Commission Joint Research Centre, where she worked to assist member states on learning from incidents and Seveso implementation, including land use planning policy. She commenced as the Deputy to the Director if the IChemE Safety Centre in September 2017.