Implementation of Connected Industrial Workforce (CIW): CIW in a DuPont European Manufacturing Facility.


Enda Dobbin

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.00 to 13.30, Stage 3

About this session

DuPont use a robust Work Management Process for Maintenance (Identifying, Planning, Scheduling, Executing and Completing work) as standard across their plants.

However, there are historical and common aspects of the work process which can be made more efficient. For example:

  • there can be extended downtime of equipment as a result of delays whilst maintenance personnel search and gather information
  • they need to execute their tasks (going to an office to print procedures/drawings or having to go to a filing cabinet to get an equipment design basis file, etc.),
  • maintenance personnel make paper notes on completed tasks and key these into systems at a later time, meaning a duplication of effort and potential loss of data accuracy, etc,.

Ultimately improving efficiency in these areas will bring benefits in productivity (reduction in planned & unplanned equipment downtime), reduce maintenance costs and improve data accuracy needed for reliability engineering analysis at the facility.

An area that has been identified that could help improve efficiency for maintenance is in the use of mobile handheld devices with software that provides easy access to all required information for maintenance personnel.

DuPont identified software provided by Accenture’s Industry X.0 practice, called ‘Connected Industrial Worker’ that could meet this need.

A scope and desired end user experience were agreed, and a European DuPont manufacturing facility was identified to pilot the software.

The tasks that were required to complete the project and implement the software ranged from:

  • developing the specific use cases required (work identification, risk assessment, material search, work execution, work completion, document library),
  • running workshops to develop the user interface with end users, developing the integrations required to access data securely in DuPont’s existing systems,
  • implementing foundational requirements in the plant (installing WiFi, barcoding equipment, selecting suitable handheld devices, digitising hard copy documents, identifying document metadata),
  • completing a robust change management and training process to ensure the software was successfully adopted by all users

The pilot project went live in April 2019 and within a very short period of time leading indicators showed significant step changes in performance.

The joint presentation between DuPont and Accenture will provide information on the project process, the successes and the challenges of implementing Accenture’s Connected Industrial Worker solution at the DuPont facility.

Enda Dobbin is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (CEng MIMechE) with 20+ years’ experience and is part of DuPont’s EMEA MIQA and Reliability & Maintenance Hub.

Enda provides guidance on Foundational Reliability Practices across plants in Europe and specialises in Mechanical Integrity/Quality Assurance guidance to high hazard plants within DuPont’s PSM program.

More recently Enda has led the implementation of the Connected Industrial Worker project at a DuPont facility.