Ewart Cox

Managing Director - Assentech Ltd

Presentation Title : Control of VOC Emissions from Storage Tank Farms

Abstract : Increasing environmental awareness and shareholder power is influencing decision making in the boardrooms of COMAH registered companies with large tank storage facilities to strive for continual improvement through ISO14001 and take greater care of the environment. Professional risk management is leading companies to consider limiting employee and public exposure to airborne volatile organic compounds following increasing evidence on the effects of long term exposure on the human body such as asthma, liver, lung and kidney damage. Assentech is working with many of these companies to introduce preventative maintenance programmes for their tank venting equipment. This approach not only lowers the risk of tank damage and possibly unplanned loss of containment from accidental damage to storage tanks, it provides a means of measuring the functional effectiveness of storage tank breather vents and meet legislative compliance. All vents that we supply are individually tested for leakage when new. We have now set up a service company that services, calibrates and leak tests tank venting equipment from all brands. As expected we come across many poorly performing devices. Our structured approach to testing provides a benchmark performance review that empowers the operator to make an informed decision on whether to retain or replace poorly functioning equipment and manage the risk to health around their facility and in neighbouring areas.

Bio : Ewart Cox, Managing Director of Assentech Ltd has worked in the tank breather industry for over 25 years.

His knowledge of UK and International storage tank venting standards has enabled him to build a very successful company that supplies and services storage tank venting equipment. Initially working for a diesel engine manufacturer and a spell as Engineering Manager at the facility in Mexico Ewart moved quickly into manufacturing equipment for engines operating in zone 2 areas on oil platforms and chemical storage facilities.

Using the experience he gained on flame arrester design he moved on to work as EMEA RSM for one of the worlds leading pressure/vacuum valve and flame arrester manufacturers based in the USA. He then moved on to become a Sales Manager for a bursting disc manufacturer responsible for over 30 Engineers and regional managers covering EMEA.

Since 2008 Ewart has run his own company focussing on the control of emissions from tank farms.

His company supplies quality pressure vacuum breather vents that are compliant with the toughest leak regulations, flame and detonation arresters, vapour recovery systems, internal floating roofs, break-away couplings and fluid transfer equipment.