Gary Milne

Academy Technical Director - Flexitallic

Presentation Title : ‘Competence of the Bolted Flange Assembler’  Global Perspective.

Abstract : A bolted joint is one of many critical components of a pressurised system. Dependent upon the contents, pressure, location and purpose of the system, leakage or failure of a single bolted joint can have potentially catastrophic consequences. Chemical Process industries have the challenge of keeping the process chemicals in the pipework adhering to COMAH/ Safety compliance regulations, specifically to preventing Loss of Containment and preventing safety related incidents. Adopting Best Practice Techniques in the Assembly and Tightening of Flanged Bolted Connections, containing the many variable chemicals, with various temperatures and pressures is a challenge in itself. Global static sealing materials have evolved over the years, innovative materials that prevent corrosion, resistant to a range of aggressive chemicals and ability to withstand extreme negative and positive temperatures. Maintenance activities has evolved with experience being lost via retirement, hence it is essential that the APPRENTICES of today are introduced to the NEW competency standards as early as possible to transfer skills within there respective organisations. Irrespective of best in class sealing materials, fundamental to the success of leak free operation is the COMPETENCE , skill and experience of the many variable personnel involved in the life cycle of the flanged bolted connection form the designer to the person who assembles the flange connection and tightens the bolts. Managing this process

Bio : Gary Milne is Technical Director of the ‘Academy of Joint Integrity’, a member of the Flexitallic Group of Companies – providing a range of Accredited Flange Assembly / Sealing Technology Training Courses. IMECHE, ASME, and ESA member ‘ Gary is actively involved in RCA/ Loss of Containment Audits, Certified Training Courses ‘ designed for on site delivery utilising unique Flange Assembly Demonstration Units.

Gary is a member of ASME PCC 1 Committee on Flange Joint Assembly, with involvement in UK and European Standards Committees specific to technical standards to establish a uniform criteria for training and qualifying bolted joint assembly personnel. Inspection and Site Integrity Audits are carried out on various COMAH facilities appertaining to reducing loss of containment issues, underpinning competency assessment and reviewing site procedures to encompass latest best practice standards.