Importance of data from process valves, to ensure water treatment and other process plant

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Wednesday: 15.45 to 16.00, Stage 3


Greg WainhouseIndustry Manager Water - Burkert UK

About this presentation

“When the industry talks about generating data for water treatment or process plants, traditionally we think about sensor technologies (E.g. flow / analytics). However, plant operators can very easily & quickly improve their plant performance by monitoring the process valves.

Burkert have developed the Type 8652 pneumatic valve island, which features a number of on-board diagnostics as standard. The process valves being supplied with the pneumatic air the Type 8652 distributes, feeds back to the on-board system which monitors the opening and closing speed of the process valve, which can then determine whether there is an issue which could cause a process upset.

Continuous monitoring helps plant operators to identify potential process upsets early and can be planned in for scheduled maintenance before they become catastrophic.
Its well know that predictive maintenance helps operators increase plant performance and thereby increase company profits. However, operators have never really had easy access to this level of diagnostic data without paying a PLC builder to incorporate it at additional cost. The diagnostical features available on the Burkert Type 8652 can not only be viewed locally to the device, it can also be easily integrated over most common digital protocols, reducing wiring efforts.

The Type 8652 is also available with AirLINE Quick base plate, a design to reduce the size of pneumatic hygienic distribution panels and decreasing capital expenditure.”

Speaker Bio:

Greg Wainhouse has been with Burkert UK for over 8 years with an extensive background in instrumentation for over 15 years. Today as Industry manager for water, Greg supports a UK-wide team at Burkert with a range of water treatment applications due to his knowledge of a number of different treatment processes, from reverse osmosis through to drinking water and waste applications.

Greg is very hands-on with sensor & valve technologies, is very active on LinkedIn and has a number of product demonstrations on YouTube.