Ian Baxter

Technical Manager Cat Tech International

Presentation Title: “Catalyst utilisation efficiency – Increasing Production capacity”

Bio: Technical Manager for Cat Tech International Ltd and has over 25 years’ experience in the refining and chemical Industry. Based in the U.K, he joined Cat Tech in 2013 and provides technical expertise related to catalyst handling and other industry led projects at an international level. Key responsibilities includes the maintenance and development of Cat Tech’s portfolio of unique technologies, its intellectual property and REACH compliance. More recently he is part of a product stewardship initiative working with the European Catalyst Manufacturers Association (ECMA), a sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (cefic). “We are fully committed to this ongoing initiative in order to demonstrate safe and sustainable use of catalysts” comments Ian.

He has worked with some major multinational companies to employ innovative technologies to help reduce turnaround time, improve plant performance and solve catalyst handling problems through successful development studies and pilot trials. Prior to Cat Tech, Ian worked in various positions of operations management, development and process improvement/optimisation. He obtained his first degree in chemistry from Newcastle University, U.K and has since completed a number of other post graduate studies.