FEATURE SESSION - Hosted by Innovate UK KTN

How can the chemical sector move to a more resource efficient future?

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.30 to 15.00, Stage 2

Session Host

Innovate UK KTN

About this Session

Innovate UK KTN feature sessions at CHEMUK 2023
The transition to a Net Zero and more Circular Economy presents a number of challenges for our sector, but also a number of opportunities. Innovate UK KTN will explore both at CHEMUK23.

On Day 1 join us on Stage 2 to learn more about Innovate UKs strategy for innovation funding and opportunities for the chemical sector. Also to hear from organisations who are involved in cutting-edge projects that can help transition the sector to a more resource efficient future.

On Day 2, we will focus on opportunities in critical minerals and rare earth elements for a sustainable future. Join us to hear more about Government strategy and funding in this area. This will also be an excellent opportunity to hear from innovative projects and solutions being developed and supported by Innovate UK.

How can the chemical sector move to a more resource efficient future?

Part 1 of a 2-day feature ‘Resource Efficiency’ programme from Innovate UK KTN

Session Chair:
Dr Catherine J Mort, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Industrial Biotechnology – Innovate UK KTN

13.30:  Session Welcome (Dr Catherine J Mort– Innovate UK KTN)

13.35:  Vision for Materials & Manufacturing 2050  (Amy Peace – Innovate UK)

13.50:  Flue2Chem – converting valuable industrial carbon emissions into sustainable materials for consumer products.  (Dr Alastair Sanderson – Unilever)

Flue2Chem Summary : A consortium of businesses, universities and non-governmental organisations have come together to develop a project aimed at converting valuable industrial CO2 emissions into sustainable materials for use in consumer products.  As well as providing a more sustainable feedstock for products such as household cleaning materials, the project will also have a role in helping the UK reach its net zero targets by 2050 and develop the basis for a new business model involving partners across the supply chain.

14.00:  Biocatalytic hydrogenation: robust biotechnologies for sustainable chemical manufacturing  (Dr Holly A. Reeve, HydRegen)  

This talk will showcase opportunities to bring together the exquisite precision of enzymes and the efficiency of chemical processing, providing potential for more sustainable chemical manufacturing. The HydRegen technologies specifically address energy and resource efficiency for ‘biocatalytic hydrogenation’ reactions and have been demonstrated in scalable continuous flow reactors

14.05:  Re-imagining Recycled Material Supply Chains in a Conservative Industry – Challenges and Opportunities (Dr. Patrick Dodds, Hexigone)

Intelli-ion® is a new to market solution that prevents corrosion, which costs the world economy an estimated $2.5t.  The presentation will explore the recycle/reuse approach of raw materials in the conservative coatings industry, looking at the challenges but also opportunities a more sustainable product provides.

14.10: Waste gasification: KEW Technology solution to enable the production of circular molecules  (Stefano Cocchi, Kew Technology)

Introducing KEW Technology company -with specific focus on the patented process developed in the last 10 years to convert waste material such as RDF into a stable and clean syngas- , and the Sustainable Energy Centre, the KEW’s FOAK facility that demonstrate the reliability and robustness of the process at industrial scale. The possibility to convert various non-recyclable wasted materials into a clean and stable syngas with a circular approach, enables the production of low-carbon environmentally sustainable molecules such as hydrogen, DME, methanol and others.

14.15:  All speakers – Panel discussion/Q&A

15.00:  Catherine Mort, IUK KTN – Close

Dr. Catherine Mort

Dr. Catherine Mort

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Industrial Biotechnology - Innovate UK KTN

Catherine Julia Mort joined IUK KTN 5 years ago as the knowledge transfer manager for Industrial Biotechnology. With a background in green chemistry and scale up of bio processes she has managed the tech transfer of IB technologies to demo scale (CPI) and coordinated large EU projects around the commercialisation of IB research (KETBIO, Horizon 2020). Catherine’s current activities are based around the role of IB within the drive to Net Zero, with particular focus on the utilisation of biomass to support the future chemical manufacturing supply chain.

Amy Elliott Peace

Amy Elliott Peace

Innovation Lead - Circular Economy at Innovate UK

Dr Alastair Sanderson

Dr Alastair Sanderson

Unilever - Flue2Chem

Alastair joined Unilever in 1992, after obtaining a 1st class honours degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Small Angle Neutron Scattering from drying Latex Films at the University of Salford.  He is a Chartered Chemist and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.  Working in Home Care R&D throughout his Unilever career, he brings an expertise in product and material development across a range of product formats including laundry powders, laundry liquids, machine dishwash powders and fabric conditioners.  He joined the Home Care Advanced Materials and Surface Science team in 2018 and is currently the Platform Leader Carbon Rainbow – creating the next generation of materials that have no reliance on virgin fossil based carbon.

Dr Holly A. Reeve

Dr Holly A. Reeve

CEO and Co-founder of HydRegen Limited

Holly graduated with a Master of Chemistry degree in 2010 and a DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Oxford in 2015. From 2016, she led an Innovate UK research program taking a biotechnology, HydRegen, from proof-of-concept results to commercial offering as a spinout with more than £3.5m private investment to-date. The technology promises to transform biocatalysis in chemical manufacturing, allowing isolated enzymes to be handled in the same way as supported metal catalysts for hydrogenation reactions. As CEO at HydRegen, her vision is to provide robust biotechnologies that tackle energy and resource efficiency, increase uptake of continuous manufacturing and support growth of circular and bio-based economies across the chemicals sector.

Dr. Patrick Dodds

Dr. Patrick Dodds

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Hexigone

Patrick commercialised his laboratory discovery, developing Hexigone to be a global exporter, with a B2B customer base in seven continents. He studied Chemistry with Biosciences BSc (Hons) at Cardiff University, obtaining positions in environmental chemistry and pharmaceutical research. Patrick returned to University to study an MRes in Steel Technology and an Engineering Doctorate in Materials Engineering where he discovered the Intelli-ion® product

Stefano Cocchi

Stefano Cocchi

Sales Development Manager - Kew Technology

I’m an industrial chemist passionate about energy transition since the early academic life where I’ve developed a PhD thesis on hydrogen production from methanol through innovative catalytic processes. My main professional experience has been in the Combined Heat and Power sector ranging 1-100MWe industrial solutions, starting in the tech sales office and landing into the innovation department. Since 2022, I’m involved in KEW Technology in the business development department, with responsibility of the tech proposals to customers, and in the modular product development too, which is at the basis of KEW Technology patented process commercial proposals.