Minimising waste in chemical formulation


Jacqueline BalianHead of Laboratories Sector - GAMBICA

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.30 to 15.30, Stage 3

About this session

Hosted by GAMBICA, the Trade Association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology

In this session, international expert members of GAMBICA, the trade association for lab equipment suppliers, will offer step by step advice on how to minimise waste in key areas that matter to the chemical industry; embodied carbon, minimising use of raw materials and reduction of waste. Drawing on expertise from around the globe the speakers will explain how they are responding to the chemical industry’s drive to  transform research and development to focus on waste minimisation.

This feature 1hr session will consist of 15 minute presentations on aspects of minimising waste in chemical formulation, followed by a 30 minute panel session, where all presenters will discuss waste minimisation.

Host  – Jacqueline Balian– Head of Laboratories Sector, GAMBICA

Featured presenters/panelists:

  • Waters Corporation – Dr. Jing Lin Director, Strategic Markets Development, Europe & India
  • BÜCHI Switzerland – Nicolai Kraut Product Specialist for Kjeldahl and extraction
  • Waters Corporation – Ben MacCreath Senior Manager, Strategic Market Development, Waters


How to improve productivity and reduce waste in the chemical industry

Ben MacCreath – Senior Manager, Strategic Market Development, Waters

Waters has been developing its equipment in recognition of the importance of productivity and waste management to the chemical industry with products addressing across the workflow. Ben will provide an overview on three areas for this talk: how to reduce inefficiencies and waste during the manufacturing process using process analytical technologies; how to identify organic contaminants before they enter the waste stream and how to increase speed and significantly reduce consumption of organic solvents in analytical chromatography.

Jing Lin – Director, Strategic Market Development, Waters

Waters has been developing its equipment in recognition of the importance of waste management to the chemical industry it has focused on two areas: advanced polymer chromatography and process analytical technologies which offer increased speed and significantly reduced consumption of organic solvents.

Jing Lin will explain how the chemical industry can take advantage of the improved efficacy now offered.

Eco-design of R&D equipment 

Nicolai Kraut product specialist for Kjeldahl and extraction at BUCHI, Switzerland

Nicolai will explain how this leading Swiss company has addressed the issues of embodied carbon and material efficiency to ensure that users can demonstrate that they are achieving best practice.

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