The Digital Reinvention of Operational Risk Management


James BrownIndustry Principal Director - Accenture

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 15.20, Stage 3

About this presentation

Industry headlines and statistics demonstrate that major incidents and workplace injuries continue to happen with little improvement. Asset-intensive industries are under continued pressure to achieve more with less money, to juggle numerous operational risks, to improve human performance and to create an operationally excellent culture while transferring knowledge from experienced workers to the next generation of digitally engaged millennials. Silos between EHS, production, maintenance and other processes have been blurred; driven by an increased availability of data and affordability of digital technology. With all that happening, there is also an increasing concern about the security of critical operational data. Does this sound familiar?

James will present industry trends, describing some key events and challenges that are influencing the way we mange operational risk. James will discuss the actions that industry leaders are taking to justify digital investment, taking a step change towards achieving faster, leaner, cleaner, safer and predictive operations. Four initiatives will be highlighted where operators should focus their efforts to maximize value and minimize risk. Digital tools and innovations will be presented as well as case studies demonstrating what is possible and how value was realized.

Speaker Bio

James is Industry Principal Director at Accenture and Leads the HSE practice for Europe. He is a Chartered Chemical Engineer, Fellow of the IChemE and holds an MBA from Manchester Business School. James has 10 years operations and engineering experience in the chemicals, oil, gas and pipelines industries in the UK and France followed by 12 years working as an operational risk consultant in the UK and South East Asia.

Notable achievements include:

  • HSE lead, developing a $27bn digital refinery of the future in Malaysia;
  • Led a series of corporate and process safety ‘health checks’ for downstream assets in the UK;
  • Led major accident, integrity and plant life assessments of petrochemical sites in Europe and Asia;
  • Conducted a retrospective emergency response assessment for the Deepwater Horizon;
  • Developed major accident hazard regulations in Brunei Darussalam;
  • Led a team of 96 technicians and engineers to maintain UK gas infrastructure and pipelines.
  • Shift team leader for an LNG liquefaction facility in Manchester;
  • Benchmarked risk management systems of Korea’s largest refining company against best practice;
  • Managed operations and development of chemical facilities in UK and France;
  • Supported development of the world’s first LNG fueled container ship, the world’s first LNG fueled crane vessel and 3 floating LNG liquefaction plant.;

Led development of an award-winning safety case, management system and emergency response plans for Singapore LNG.