Feature Session & Q&A

Chemicals and Cosmetics – a square peg and a round hole?

Time & Location

Wednesday: 11.00 to 12.00, Stage: 1

Session Chair:

James DawickToxicology and Risk Assessment Manager - Innospec Ltd

About this Session

Cosmetics are essentially mixtures of chemicals, yet the demands placed on cosmetics and chemicals seem to be increasingly out of step. That we want safe and sustainable cosmetics is without question, yet the requirement placed on chemicals to demonstrate this can be at odds with both Cosmetic regulations, and the codes adopted by cosmetic formulators.  Via short presentations from our expert speakers, and a panel discussion, we will look at the paradox this creates, and ask, is there a way forward?

Session Chair: Dr Nick Dixon, Innospec Ltd, and Chair of BCA Personal Care Group       

Session speakers:

James Dawick, Toxicology and Risk Assessment Manager – Innospec Ltd

John Hibbs, Principal – Argus Consulting

Clare Liptrot, Global Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs Manager – Croda Europe Ltd