Part of the: ‘Biobased Chemicals Showcase’ (organised in cooperation with BioVale)

Fiberight – the waste refinery

Featured Presenter:

James MarshallCommercial Manager - Fiberight

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.00 to 12.20, Stage 4

About this presentation / session:

Fiberight – the waste refinery

Fiberight, a UK and US based Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)-to-Products Company, has developed an innovative process to recover value added products from residual waste. This true circular bio-economy solution enables waste to be diverted from landfill or incineration for the generation of homogenous product outputs including recyclables and organic resources.
Having proved the core segregation technology (HYDRACYCLE™) at scale in the US, Fiberight are now moving towards commercialising a higher-value business model in the UK. This second-generation plant upgrades the raw materials recovered from HYDRACYCLE™, and converts them into high-specification materials for manufacturing, using integrated bolt-on technologies.

Fiberight have developed valorisation pathways for two key product steams from waste: Pulp generated from residual paper and card, and plastics from packaging. The pulp is being trialled in biobased products and as a feedstock to produce platform sugars, fuels and chemicals. The plastics are being trailed in mechanical and chemical recycling process to produce flakes/pellets, oils and waxes. When deployed these processes will have a large impact in increasing sustainable feedstock supply to the chemicals industry.

Session Overview:

Biobased Chemicals Showcase – organised in cooperation  with BioVale

Session Host: Anna Zhenova, CEO of Green Rose Chemistry

In this session BioVale and Green Rose Chemistry are showcasing some of the UK’s leading green and bio-based chemicals sector SME and start-up companies.

This ‘flash-talk’ session will introduce a diverse and innovative range of products, processes and services that offer greener and more sustainable alternatives for the industry.

Format of session: Introduction by Green Rose Chemistry (5mins) followed by 5 minute ‘flash talks’ from 10 further innovators:


Featured companies/innovations include:

    • Sustainable chemistry intelligence to help innovative companies develop truly green products and processes for a renewable, circular bioeconomy (Green Rose Chemistry)
    • Biodegradable, sustainable solutions for separating one entity from another (Starbons)
    • Raw materials – redesigning basic oil properties for better performance of the finished lubricants (Nuspec Oil)
    • Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol ABE fermentation as a global sustainable industry enabling  large scale sustainable production of  bio-based solvents (Celtic Renewables)
    • Converting discarded plant biomass into a variety of valuable biochemicals, biopolymers and biofuels (Nova Pangaea Technologies)
    • Innovative biomass fractionation process using low-cost, environmentally friendly solvents, namely liquid salts or ionic liquids (Lixea)
    • Developing novel approaches to the extraction of active molecules from plant sources for existing and novel applications (Keracol)
    • Fiberight – The waste refinery (Fiberight)
    • Commercialising biosurfactants for use in environmentally friendly home and personal care products (Holiferm)
    • Biobased adhesive as an alternative to formaldehyde urea resin for wood panel industry (Cambond)
    • Clean and green separation of low-value wood chips and plant matter into high-value biochemicals (Bio-Sep)

Speaker Bio:

James is a waste and recycling professional with a strong career history of >20 years sector experience, and has been Commercial Manager for Fiberight for the last 3 of these years.

James has worked in a variety of roles, including positions with national waste management companies, and has developed expertise in the sourcing and supply of recyclable materials including plastics and paper.  He has operational and technical skills in the processing and recycling of rigid and flexible plastics including segregation, washing, and compounding technologies, and expertise in sales and account management.  James has a strong network of contacts in the UK waste sector and in key European markets.

James has a BSc degree in Environmental Science from The University of Huddersfield, UK, giving him a strong grounding in the impacts of waste recovery strategies on the environment.