KEYNOTE: Important factors to consider when designing pipework systems for corrosive chemicals

Time & Location

Wednesday: 11.40 to 12.00, Stage 4

Keynote Speaker

James RoperHead of Product Portfolio at Aliaxis UK

About this presentation

Brief Description/Synopsis of Topic

  • What is the difference between materials and why is this important to chemical resistance.
  • The challenges of proving resistance and the importance of robust testing in real conditions.
  • How does pipework get tested to give confidence in design life?
  • Why are modern applications changing the chemicals being used and why the testing being done on materials by manufacturers is so important on an ongoing basis.
  • Why the external environment is important when specifying pipework.

Speaker Bio:

James Roper is a qualified chemist and product manager within the pipe manufacturing industry. At the very beginning of his career, he developed experience through a variety of product and technical roles within Municipal water treatment, UK laboratory equipment, and industrial chemical waste disposal.

After 9 successful years, James then joined Durapipe, which is now a part of the international Aliaxis brand as a Product Manager for industrial systems.

Over the last 15 years he has worked in many aspects of the industry and has developed strong expertise on chemicals and how they’re used in industrial environments.