Regulatory news in 2020: New Regulation on the timelines for the registration updates


Jana EliasovaRegulatory Queen in society - EcoMole Compliance Ltd

Time & Location

Thursday: 09.40 to 10.00, Stage 2

About this Presentation:

Article 22(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 places a responsibility on registrants to update their registrations without undue delay with relevant new information and submit them to the European Chemicals Agency. The new Implementation Regulation introduces the understanding of the term ” undue delay” and setting the upper limits deadlines for the dossiers updates. The presentation will give an overview of recommendations on the dossier updates and estimated enforcement procedures on this matter.

Speaker Bio

With 16 years of experience in chemical industry, including 14 years of chemical and environmental regulatory consultancy, Jana is an experienced expert with in-depth knowledge of processes and regulatory obligations imposed by REACH and CLP.

After graduating at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (chemistry and technology of inorganic materials), Jana worked as an EMS commissioner at VDO Mannesmann Automotive, before joining TECHEM CZ (providing REACH and CLP consultancy services) and ultimately working for EcoMole Compliance Ltd. Jana is a certified lecturer in European environmental legislation (Regulation REACH) and in the methods of Responsible Care, both authorized by CEFIC (European Committee for Chemical Industry).

She is a member of the committee for Management of Chemicals within the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic.

Jana is currently participating as a lecturer in trainings for Czech industry on behalf of the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Being a certified auditor, Jana also has experience with the implementation of the ISO 9000 Quality Management System and ISO 14000 Environmental Management System.