Optimising the costs of UK REACH registrations - lessons learned from EU REACH registrations

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.00 to 15.20, Stage 4


Jana TravnickovaRegulatory Queen, REGARTIS

About this presentation

It is no secret that registering a substance under REACH is a strategic decision. Why? It is costly. On the other hand, it is a key to the chemicals market, door-opener to potential customers. UK REACH adopted identical information requirements for registrations as laid down under EU REACH. At least so far, but even that may change according to the UK policymakers. What does it mean? That you can use the existing data from EU REACH registrations for fulfilling your registration duties under UK REAC.H. There are different data-sharing models how you can benefit from the existing EU REACH data. We are happy to share a few case studies documenting what you should pay attention to when acquiring data for your UK REACH registrations. The expert presentation will cover: – strategies for UK REACH registrations – when is the best time to start? Should you consider becoming the Lead Registrant? What if nobody wants to step forward and become the Lead Registrant? – optimisation of UK REACH registration costs – know your rights and options when collecting and acquiring data for your UK REACH registration – what you should be doing right now to make sure you remain UK REACH compliant?

Speaker Bio:

As a Regulatory Queen at REGARTIS, Jana has been helping businesses with their regulatory compliance for more than 8 years now. Jana’s expertise lays particularly in REACH and RoHS. After Brexit, Jana became the leading expert for UK REACH services at REGARTIS. After filing dozens of DUINs and grandfathering notifications, Jana is now focusing on making sure that UK REACH market operators remain compliant post the first full registration deadline coming in October 2023. Designing and optimising REACH compliance strategies for companies that want to stay on the UK market is Jana’s main activity now. With PhD from environmental chemistry, Jana also participated in several scientific projects, including a study commissioned by ECHA on the uses and risks of nanomaterials as pigments in the European Union. Jana also successfully lead a REACH authorisation project and due to her broad and extensive experience in regulatory matters, she became a sought-after expert not only in REACH, but also RoHS.