Expected REACH update(s), focusing on ED and PMT, and its impact (globally)

Time & Location

Wednesday: 15.15 to 15.30, Stage 5


Jeannette PaulussenHead of Regulatory Affairs - Charles River Laboratories

Topics covered:

  • What is expected overall
  • Timelines
  • New data needed
  • Costs involved
  • Effect on your EU REACH registration, impact globally

Speaker Bio:

Jeannette Paulussen, PhD, is head of Regulatory Affairs at Charles River Laboratories (CRL) Den Bosch B.V.. She has been working at different CROs in Regulatory Affairs for over 25 years, especially in the area of crops & chemicals with a background in toxicology and human risk assessment. Jeannette is still involved in providing advice on (global) chemical registration strategies and effects of REACH updates. She has been presenting at different international regulatory conferences and has been involved in internationally recognised reports on (parts of) human risk assessment. The Regulatory Affairs group within CRL has regulatory specialists within different legal frameworks with extensive knowledge in chemistry, environmental fate, ecotoxicology and toxicology.