Is this regulated? Making chemical regulations searchable by chemical structure

Time & Location

Thursday: 13.15 to 13.30, Stage 5


Joe BradleyCEO, Scitegrity Limited

About this presentation

Often the first and biggest challenge to compliance in the chemicals industry is knowing “is this actually regulated”.

Today I’ll outline how by making chemical regulations searchable by chemical structure, you can dramatically increase compliance while at the same time greatly simplify the time and effort required to answer the “Is this regulated?” question.

Modern chemical regulations don’t just cover a list of CAS numbers or names, they control entire chemical classes, often using complex chemical language to describe them. Substances that are ‘named’ are usually just a few well known examples. This makes trying to search by keywords or names very error prone and incomplete.

I’ll give some examples and show how by chemically encoding regulations it is possible to check any chemical, even novel or proprietary ones quickly and easily. The approach is highly accurate and is routinely used to automatically check millions of chemicals for compliance issues against regulations ranging from controlled drugs and precursors, CWC, dual use, PIC/Rotterdam and Ozone depleting substances to HS coding and more.

Speaker Bio:

Joe Bradley is a biochemist who worked in the Drug Discovery industry for over a decade before founding Scitegrity Limited in 2011. Scitegrity is a cheminformatics company which specialises in developing tools allowing chemical regulations to be computationally encoded and searched. Our compliance tools are used by 5 of the world’s top 10 Pharmaceutical companies and dozens of chemical companies to constantly and automatically check all chemicals they possess for compliance issues.