Joe Charles

Engineering Manager - GHD

Presentation Title : Digital Innovations are transforming our world. From Reality Capture and Automation to Generative Design, VR and AR to equipment monitoring to prevent failure and unnecessary maintenance.

Abstract : Digital innovations are changing the world we live and work in and the speed with which that change happens is increasing. Data is captured in many ways and formats but is rarely used to its full potential. Reality capture has taken a huge leap forward, combining Lidar, drone surveys and photographs to produce accurate and realistic 3D virtual environments. Imagine having a computer to calculate every possible design solution and rank them against your key criteria, so you can select the one that best fits your needs. Why not automate data analysis, create bespoke coding to identify and monitor trends, automatically import, analyse and output relevant data in a format that is easily understood, reducing human error and giving meaningful results. Automation of repetitive tasks allows more effective use of your time; letting the computer do the non-value-added bits. Why not inspect difficult to access assets remotely with a drone. Live stream video and capture the environment, monitor gasses, check temperatures and compare them to previous results to monitor trends. Do you need to get the expert to a remote plant to fix some critical machinery which has taken the facility offline? Why not get the expert to guide the local technician through the task from behind a laptop using AR. Equipment is replaced in accordance with a maintenance schedule. Using condition monitoring it could be replaced when it needs to be, reducing failure rates and preventing unnecessary maintenance.

Bio : Joe Charles is an Engineering Manager, working for GHD, who has taken a keen interest in the digital revolution. Joe has been working with the Digital Innovation team at GHD to develop the next generation of technology and for the benefit our clients. As a Chartered Engineer, Joe has worked in the Chemical, Industrial, Water, Nuclear, Renewable and Power sectors bringing innovations and sharing best practices across the industries.