Market ready and high performance - bio-based levulinates as a genuine replacement for petrochemical solvents

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.40 to 15.00, Stage 2


Jonathan LaneGlobal Business Development Manager - GFBiochemicals

About this presentation

The chemicals industry is still heavily reliant on fossil-based solvents. It faces a very significant task in transitioning to sustainable alternatives in order to meet the challenge of climate change, and the associated national and company targets for net zero emissions, while also delivering the necessary performance attributes.

Bio-based solvents must be able to demonstrate both a high level of performance and compatibility within a wide variety of formulations and other processes, while also being commercially viable to be considered as replacements.

Derivatives of levulinic acid, specifically levulinate esters and ketals, offer excellent potential as genuinely sustainable alternatives. The presentation will cover the origin of these derivatives, sustainability and safety data as well as performance and examples of applications in sectors such as Coatings, HI & I and Personal Care.

Speaker Bio

Jonathan began his career in the packaging sector before moving to the Polyurethane Systems division of Dow Chemical. With over 20 years’ experience in the chemical industry, he has led businesses in multiple countries delivering formulated product solutions for a wide range of applications. As Global Business Development Manager at NXTLEVVEL Biochem, Jonathan has made the move from petrochemicals to bio-based chemicals, with responsibility for commercialisation of a new and exciting range of levulinic acid derivatives with extensive uses throughout the chemical industry.