Lubrication and its impact on Green Chemistry

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.40 to 11.00, Stage 2


Jonathan VendittiGlobal Market Manager - Chemical Industry, Klüber Lubrication

About this presentation

With a worldwide usage of 100 million terajoules annually to overcome friction, it is fair to say that friction is the worst enemy of efficiency. As proven by the automotive industry, it is now possible to achieve incredible efficiency by using smaller engines without sacrificing performance. Of course, this is mainly due to the numerous technological advancements over years in car engineering, but the engine oil and lubricants also have a part to play in the performance and efficiency today’s cars. Due to the extreme requirements in place in the automotive industry to lower emissions, most of the cars exiting the factory do so with fully synthetic and lower viscosity engine oils (ex:0W-20 or 5W-20) in order to maximize their efficiency and power. In an era where mineral oil became obsolete for automotive industry, what about industrial applications? Can a lubricant influence the efficiency and performance of a specific type of machinery? Despite being the largest consumer of both energy and fossil fuels, the chemical industry is constantly seeking new innovative solutions to improve their operations and reduce their impact on the environment, therefore the Chemical Industry might be the perfect candidate among industrial sectors to prove that specialty lubricants and meticulous monitoring can show a considerable improvement in efficiency in regular operations.

Speaker Bio:

Born in Montréal, Canada now living in Munich, Germany – my scholarship background is in Chemistry and Business Administration. I have been working over 15 years in the industrial sector as a lubrication and tribology specialist, fighting wear and friction on a daily basis. Troubleshooting issues, improving reliability/efficiency and developing new innovating products for specific applications is my strengths. I am currently responsible for the Global Chemical Industry Market at Klüber Lubrication.