Online monitoring of Chemical and Bioprocesses using Raman Spectroscopy "The Lab comes to the Sample"

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Wednesday: 12.45 to 13.00, Stage 4


Kevin FernandesProcess Analytical Sales Specialist, Endress+Hauser

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Online monitoring of Chemical and Bioprocesses using Raman Spectroscopy “The Lab comes to the Sample”

It’s becoming increasingly important to have analytical techniques that are embedded into the processes. Taking this approach means that results can be generated in real time and any process changes and optimization can be made on the “fly” Elimination of taking samples back to remote or even offsite laboratory facilities also reduces the cost of such procedures as well as getting rid of the associated downtime. Use of online Spectroscopy in this way in for example monitoring bioprocesse(s) also nullifies the risk of compromising bioreactor sterility and losing valuable therapeutic products such as vaccines and antibodies.
Raman Spectroscopy and embedded chemometric methods are a powerful combination that can control monitor and optimise a process analytical method in real time. “One probe monitors several parameters”

Speaker Bio:

Kevin Fernandes has been employed by Endress+Hauser for the last few years as a process analytical sales specialist. Previous to this he was employed in analytical chemistry roles by the likes of Thames Water and GlaxoSmithKline using mainly chromatography and spectroscopy techniques and developing technologies. He spent aseveral years working for Varian in the sales and marketing of chromatography instrumentation and sample preparation products.

He also ran his own consultancy part of which involved advising clients on what analytical techniques might be the best approach specific to their required analyses