Online Raman Spectroscopy for monitoring Chemical Processes

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.00 to 11.15, Stage 3


Kevin FernandesProcess Analytical Sales Engineer, Endress+Hauser Ltd

About this presentation

Raman spectroscopy is an optical analysis technique that has successfully bridged the requirement to take the analysis out of the lab, directly to the process, meaning the lab really does come to the sample. My presentation will highlight a number of application areas from fields as diverse as Oil and Gas to bioprocess, where Raman spectroscopy has been successfully deployed. I will also discuss the utilisation of Raman spectroscopy in the economies of the future, such as H2 generation and carbon capture and storage.

Speaker Bio:

Kevin Fernandes started his career working in a lab environment, learning the ropes of analytical chemistry with companies such as Thames Water Authority and GlaxoSmithKline whilst simultaneously working towards a degree in Applied Biochemistry. Following this, Kevin moved into the commercial world with Varian where he was responsible for sales of Chromatography instrumentation, and moved on to become the UK product manager for a range of consumable products. Several roles followed including one that utilised a novel GC/IMS technology to characterise volatile organic chemicals. Kevin joined Endress+Hauser in 2019 and is the UK contact for the advanced analyser range that includes Raman and Tuneable Diode Absorption Laser (TDLAS ) instrumentation.