Bio-based and sustainability trends in the cosmetics sector (part of ‘Transitioning to Bio-based Chemicals’ session - Hosted by BioVale)


Kirsty MawhinneyDirector - Cosmetics Cluster UK

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.00 to 11.00, Stage 1

About this presentation

The cosmetics, personal care and beauty industry are uniting and working together as they strive for innovation whilst trying to embed new circular economy models.

The industry can be seen collaborating and partnering up as many are making inroads on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations along with net zero carbon emissions by 2030. This presentation will highlight some of these initiatives from CCUK Members and industry colleagues. One thing we all need is the “Courage to Change’ and this we can only do when we unite together, share learnings, collaborate and inspire one another. There is no plan B.

About this session

As the world faces up to the challenges posed by finite resources and carbon emissions, a shift to the bio-based chemicals provides one solution; switching from fossil fuel feedstocks and transitioning to an economy which uses renewable, biological ‘bio-based’ resources.

Yorkshire and the Humber’s innovation cluster, BioVale, promotes this new, bio-based economy and helps enterprises profit from its high-growth, future-proofed business opportunities. As host to this session they have brought together speakers who represent both academia and industry to explore the current capabilities, successes, opportunities and challenges of transitioning to bio-based chemicals.

Featured Themes & Speakers:

Why go bio-based?
Speaker: Dr Mark Gronnow, Process Development Unit Manager, Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC)

Industrial Biotechnology opportunities to meet the chemical supply chain demands as part of the drive to Netzero by 2050
Speaker: Lynsey Dunbar, Senior Business Engagement Manager – IBioC

Introducing CyreneTM at scale – the sustainable, safe, bio-based solvent that outperforms NMP and other SVHC solvents
Speaker: Dr Sarah Hickingbottom, General Manager new product development, Circa Group

Bio-based and sustainability trends in the cosmetics sector
Speaker: Kirsty Mawhinney, Director Cosmetics Cluster UK

Q&A round-up discussion to close this session

Session Host: Caroline Wilcock – BioVale Cluster Stakeholder Engagement Manager – Biorenewables Development Centre (York)

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