Part of the: ‘Biobased Chemicals Showcase’ (organised in cooperation with BioVale)

Innovative biomass fractionation process using low-cost, environmentally friendly solvents, namely liquid salts or ionic liquids

Featured Presenter:

Krisztina Kovacs-SchreinerCEO - LIXEA

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.00 to 12.20, Stage 4

About this presentation / session:

The world currently operates in a linear economy creating enormous levels of waste. Concurrently, many of our raw materials are produced from fossil-based sources. While technologically feasible, biobased materials are often too expensive to enter the market. Global demand for plastics will grow to 1000million tonnes (MT) by 2050 from a current level of 450MT. To be sustainable, about 200MT will need to come from biobased sources. As a starting point, about 50MT of wood are landfilled each year due to preservatives and chemicals. Our novel, patented process breaks down any type of wood waste (including heavy metal treated or contaminated materials from the construction industry) into its components: cellulose-fibres, lignin, and hemicelluloses. These then can be converted into high-quality fine and bulk (bio)chemicals, bioplastics, renewable fibres and biofuels. Overall, the process gives wood waste a second life, reduces landfill and incineration with its resultant global air, soil and water pollution consequences, provide better quality of life and potential local employment opportunities within the bioeconomy.

Session Overview:

Biobased Chemicals Showcase – organised in cooperation  with BioVale

Session Host: Anna Zhenova, CEO of Green Rose Chemistry

In this session BioVale and Green Rose Chemistry are showcasing some of the UK’s leading green and bio-based chemicals sector SME and start-up companies.

This ‘flash-talk’ session will introduce a diverse and innovative range of products, processes and services that offer greener and more sustainable alternatives for the industry.

Format of session: Introduction by Green Rose Chemistry (5mins) followed by 5 minute ‘flash talks’ from 10 further innovators:


Featured companies/innovations include:

    • Sustainable chemistry intelligence to help innovative companies develop truly green products and processes for a renewable, circular bioeconomy (Green Rose Chemistry)
    • Biodegradable, sustainable solutions for separating one entity from another (Starbons)
    • Raw materials – redesigning basic oil properties for better performance of the finished lubricants (Nuspec Oil)
    • Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol ABE fermentation as a global sustainable industry enabling  large scale sustainable production of  bio-based solvents (Celtic Renewables)
    • Converting discarded plant biomass into a variety of valuable biochemicals, biopolymers and biofuels (Nova Pangaea Technologies)
    • Innovative biomass fractionation process using low-cost, environmentally friendly solvents, namely liquid salts or ionic liquids (Lixea)
    • Developing novel approaches to the extraction of active molecules from plant sources for existing and novel applications (Keracol)
    • Fiberight – the waste refinery (Fiberight)
    • Commercialising biosurfactants for use in environmentally friendly home and personal care products (Holiferm)
    • Biobased adhesive as an alternative to formaldehyde urea resin for wood panel industry (Cambond)
    • Clean and green separation of low-value wood chips and plant matter into high-value biochemicals (Bio-Sep)

Presenter Bio:

Krisztina is a Biochemical Engineer by training and has over 10 years of experience working in the technology sphere. Previously, she worked as Project and Business Development Manager at Biome Bioplastics Ltd, managing a portfolio of collaborative, biomass to novel bioplastics R&D projects. Krisztina also has considerable experience in taking an idea from the drawing board to installation and running a start-up company with responsibility for all aspects of the business.