Asset Management, More than Just a Buzz Word

Joint Speaker

Lee SpringthorpeDirector - Lizard Design

Time & Location

Wednesday: 11.20 to 11.40, Stage 3

About this presentation

Colin from A3D will be joined by Lee Springthorpe, the Systems Architect and Director of Lizard Design. The two companies jointly designed and developed the 4D Lizard Smart Hub.

This presentation will focus on how our 4D Lizard Smart Hub is able to provide the complete identity of an asset, displayed on a tablet or mobile in an easy-to visualise 3D model and PID format.

4D Lizard architecture is built with extensibility and customisation as a core strategy. Designed to improve efficiency and reduce cost for any industry involving assets, interrogation of the single source of data viewed through 4D Lizard allows client engineers to recognise failure patterns, and to predict future maintenance requirements and schedules, as well as locating assets quickly and data freely from different geographical locations and across different software systems.

Speaker Bio

With over 25 years in software development, Lee specialises in the architecture, design and project management of bespoke online/cloud systems. His experience includes online management systems, website development, E-commerce, mobile device applications and intranets. He has designed a tailor-made complete transport management system for Abellio and Arriva now used across the UK.

Lee and his highly skilled team at Lizard Design are recognised as specialists in the development of online management systems and applications. When Colin approached Lee to design a system specifically for the process sector it was a challenge and opportunity that Lee couldn’t resist, and 4D Lizard was born.

Lee has nurtured his Lizard Design team of talented, innovative and enthusiastic staff, who are always looking for new ideas and continuous development. Their positive attitude enables them to tackle major issues such as project management, usability, cross browser compatibility, new technology implementation and marketing strategies for our clients.