Lee SpringthorpeDirector - Lizard Design

Time & Location

Wednesday: 10.15 to 10.30, Stage 3

About this presentation

The presentation will focus briefly on how we capture the data and the asset management software (4D Lizard) we have now developed. Colin we be joined by Lee Springthorpe a Director of Lizard design the company who have designed and developed 4D Lizard and co-own it with A3D.

4D Lizard, will improve efficiency, reduce cost and revolutionise maintenance for the tank storage industry. Actively monitor equipment and plan for future inspections or repairs using the 3D model as an interface, then by assigning values to assets this tool enables greater cost forecasting and analysis. A revolutionary cloud-based software promises to transform how storage terminals manage their valuable assets, ensuring more time-efficient and effective operations.

Speaker Bio

Lee started Lizard Design 20 years ago his vision was to create an impressive range of online solutions for a variety of companies, these solutions included

Online management systems, website Development, E-Commerce, Mobile device applications, Online Marketing, Intranets.

Lee and his highly skilled team at Lizard Design are regarded as specialists in the development of online management systems, websites and applications and we are able to offer an attractive range of services tailored to meet specific requirements. So when Colin approached me to design and develop an asset management system designed specifically for the process sector, it was an opportunity and challenge that I couldn’t resist, hence 4D lizard was Bourne.

Lee recognised the need to offer a complete solution that was tailored specifically for that client. With this in mind, we’ve nurtured a talented, innovative and enthusiastic team which combines youth and experience. This enables us to tackle the major issues involved with online development such as project management, usability issues, cross browser compatibility, new technology implementation and marketing strategies.