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LiquiBio Ltd - We provide edible scaffolding to simplify bioprocessing and create better tasting cultivated meat

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Wednesday: 15.00 to 16.30, Stage 2

LiquiBio Ltd – Edible scaffolding to simplify bioprocessing and create better tasting cultivated meatElijah Mojares, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

About this Company

Global population is estimated to reach 10 billion people by 2050. Along with this is the exponential demand for meat, but animal agriculture is unsustainable with poor animal welfare. With 70% of arable land already used to grow crops to feed the animals we eat, how are we going to feed the world?

This has pushed for the growth of the cultivated meat or clean meat industry. This industry promises lower carbon emissions and land use by growing animal cells in the lab without animal slaughter. The first products are expensive chicken nuggets and burgers that do not have the right texture. At the very core of this problem, is fragmented biomanufacturing. Growing cells involve cycles of dissociation and re-attachment. At the very end you have a cell slurry that you then mix with plant protein to create your cultivated chicken nuggets.

At LiquiBio we create structure as we grow the cells. We create edible scaffolding from food production side streams or under-utilised crops. This allows us to simplify bioprocessing and provide scaffolding that are 100x cheaper than conventional alternatives. We then develop a continuous manufacturing platform and a network of bioreactors that allow for parallel manufacturing. The result is slaughter-free meat produced 10x faster with 10x lower capital expenditure that amplifies media cost savings.

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