RSC Sustainability Panel Session

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.00 to 12.00, Stage 2

Hosted by Royal Society of Chemistry

Maria ConwaySection Leader II- Wind & Marine & Protective Coatings RD&I – AkzoNobel

About this Session

Whether it’s creating new technologies, enhancing recycling capabilities, or developing novel waste management solutions, Royal Society of Chemistry members are truly working at the cutting-edge to find the answers for a greener future. Join this panel session to discover the fantastic and innovative work RSC members are doing to make the world a better, safer, and more sustainable place for us all.

Featured Panellists include:

Guest Panellist Bio:

My background is as an R&D chemist and I specialise in developing coatings for Wind turbine blades.  I started working at AkzoNobel nine years ago as a graduate R&D chemist before progressing into a Section Leader role. Within my role I am responsible for developing the next generation of coatings for wind turbine blades as well as supporting production of the coatings in the factory. My aim is to develop coatings which can protect the wind blade from erosion which decreases the blades efficiency to generate energy, an effective coating solution will enable the blade to generate more energy for longer.