An Inescapable Evolution - eCommerce in the Chemicals Industry and the move towards an enhanced digital customer experience


Mark MonganEMEA LCD Commercial Manager - Univar Solutions

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.40 to 14.00, Stage 1

In this presentation, we discuss the common challenges faced by the chemical distribution industry in enhancing the customer’s digital experience. We will review the internal cultural, legislative and technical barriers to change. Is eCommerce an inescapable evolution? We will balance these barriers with the customer pull. The changing nature of the B2B chemical buyers, the broader changes in society and the desire for an online/offline experience. These are all undeniable market trends, but how should we meet them as an industry? Finally, we will conclude with the potential commercial upside for chemical organisations and a look at what Univar Solution is doing to meet this futuristic challenge today.

Speaker Bio:

Mark Mongan is currently leading the eCommerce rollout for Univar Solutions across EMEA. Having worked in Sales and Commercial roles within the Chemical distribution industry for the last fifteen years, he has an excellent understanding of what customers in our industry are looking for. In addition to his chemical background, Mark graduated with honours in Business Information Systems and built his first eCommerce site over 20 years ago. Mark passionately believes customer requirements should drive the technology and sees B2B companies rolling out technology that customers neither need nor want. The Chemical industry is changing. Mark and Univar Solutions are delighted to be helping support that change.