“Take a holistic approach to sustainable chemical production - combine energy, automation & digital systems"

Time & Location

Thursday: 14.00 to 14.20, Stage 3


Markus BrahmannSales Director- EURA for Process Instrumentation Business - Schneider Electric

About this presentation

The recent supply chain problems that affect raw material and energy prices pose a significant challenge to the chemical industry. Workforce in chemical factories is going through a generational change, which varies by geographical location of the factory. End consumers of chemical products as well as governments around the world are applying pressure to transform the industry for sustainability. Energy transition, one component of sustainability, is driving a number of oil and gas producers to the chemical industry. This is adding to the competitive pressures from these other challenges.

Chemical companies drive various initiatives to address these business challenges. We have seen initiatives for innovation driven performance to address sustainability and competitiveness, agility and reliability of operations to tackle supply chain variability, initiatives to exploit the availability of data and transform their operations for energy transition.

Schneider Electric brings value to our clients by offering solutions to address these initiatives. Value comes from reduced project and operations risk, increased process & energy efficiency and  supply chain resilience.

We see the solutions you receive from us being classified broadly into the following – an optimized physical asset, contextual data & actionable analytics, a trusted digital twin and empowered workers.

We recognize that value is defined differently at every company. I will also talk about how we engage our clients in a joint journey of value discovery and realization. Our digital consulting, innovation labs and center of excellence teams are ways of achieving such value.

Markus Brahmann leads the Process Instrumentation Business for Europe & Africa within Schneider Electric’s Industrial Automation Business Unit.

As an MBA graduate in General Management and degrees in Electronics and Technical Management, he is leading customers digital transformation by combining energy, automation & digital systems. He began his career with hands on experience in the Chemical industry (DSM & Roche) and has since worked over 15 year in various roles enhancing projects, applications and solutions in different industries and markets. Passionate about working across multiple geographies, he enjoys working in culturally diverse organizations.