Developing Process Automation Expertise through Industry-led MSc, Diploma, CPD and funded Apprenticeship Programmes


Martin BraggChief Technologist R&D - Partnership in Automation & Control Training

Time & Location

Thursday: 12.20 to 12.40, Stage 3

About this presentation

The significance of automation in the chemical and process industries has grown and continues to increase inexorably. That growth has been partly driven by developments in control and information technology with the control systems themselves having evolved in both flexibility and functionality. However, the primary driver has been economic, recognising that the technology can deliver substantive benefits in terms of operability, productivity, quality, reliability, safety, sustainability and viability. Lancaster University is now offering the only postgraduate MSc programme in Process Automation and an associated Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship in Process Automation (PA7). The programme is offered in conjunction with the Partnership in Automation and Control Training (PACT) which is representative of the companies in the chemicals and process sector and consists of a suite of modules and short courses organised on a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) basis. It is aimed at and designed around the needs of personnel working in the industry in some control and automation capacity.


Speaker Bio:

Martin is responsible for the global research and development of c&i devices at honeywell process solutions. A senior oil & energy executive with 27-years global experience in engineering, control and instrumentation, martin is also the current co-chair of the partnership in automation and control training board, chair of bsi/cen/gel65/5, active contributor to the update of bs6739, task force member of the american gas association’s transmission measurement committee, task force member of the digital transformation group at the institute of measurement and control developing the guideline document for connected assets, lancaster university ambassador, panel member of the new msc programme ‘applied data science in engineering’ at glasgow caledonian university where he is the nominated expert for the instrumentation and control/data enabled assets subject areas, and contributor to wiley’s latest publication ‘digitalisation and analytics for smart plant performance’ isbn-13: 978-1119634034; isbn-10: 1119634032.