AESSEAL NET ZERO & Betterworld Solutions - Working together to make a difference for future generations.

Time & Location

Wednesday: 16.00 to 16.20, Stage 2


Martin ChallonerHead of Marketing - AESSEAL

About this presentation

The world is changing. Faster than most people realise. The effects of climate change can already be seen around the world – virtually every day.
While everybody can do their little bit to help combat the effects of climate change – by doing things like recycling more and changing their eating habits to include more eco-friendly and sustainable food groups – we feel businesses can and should be doing more.

Betterworld.Solutions has been created to encourage, educate, inspire and support companies to adopt, publish and operate an Investment Policy to Prevent Global Warming.

AESSEAL plc has announced that it will provide free of charge emissions training to any organisation that adopts an Investment Policy to Prevent Global Warming. Details of the policy can be downloaded on

Speaker Bio:

Martin Challoner will be representing AESSEAL & Betterworld Solutions to discuss Net Zero and Investment Policies to Prevent Global Warming.