Process Analytical Technology (PAT) - a Key Component in Your Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 Initiative

Time & Location

Wednesday: 13.40 to 14.00, Stage 4


Martin GadsbyCEO - Optimal Industrial Technologies Limited

About this presentation

Many leading companies are now on a digitalisation transformation journey. The key aspirations of a digitalisation process are directly aligned with the objectives of PAT to deliver products faster, to an improved quality and at a lower cost, while better understanding the processes and product. PAT is therefore a critical keystone to most digitalisation strategies, as it is the only technology capable of serving up the critical quality predictions in a timely manner, together with all associated meta data, that facilitate the required transformation. This presentation discusses the many benefits that PAT, and more specifically a PAT Knowledge Manager, can deliver to a digitalisation activity in all areas of R&D and manufacturing.

Speaker Bio:

Martin graduated from the University of Bath in the late 1970’s with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, and after a few years in aerospace made a significant career path change and became the new European R&D Process and Process Automation Group Leader for Kraft Foods.

This provided great practical experiences in the application of automation to the process industry as well as the design and manufacture of special purpose process equipment. After a few years it became apparent that there was a lack of good quality automation businesses, and so Martin decided to set up a process automation business with a colleague, and Optimal was born. Optimal Industrial Automation was formed over 34 years ago, with Martin now being the main owner and CEO.

To meet the increasing synTQ sales, Optimal Industrial Technologies was formed a few years ago as the products division for Optimal and is the market leader in the field of Process Analytical Technology (PAT) with its PAT Knowledge Management product ‘ synTQ – this being used very successfully by over 50% of the leading pharmaceutical companies. Martin is also the CEO for this company and is intimately involved with progressing the evolution of synTQ together with developing the business and brand.

On the personal front, Martin is a bit of a ‘petrol head’ and enjoys flying aerobatics and racing cars.