The Rise of Private Networks and How Your Organisation Will Benefit

Time & Location

Wednesday: 12.40 to 13.00, Stage 4


Martin GreenHead of UK Business Development at Cellnex

About this presentation

As businesses drive for digital transformation, demands on connectivity and communication technologies are increasing. Private networks offer capabilities only previously imagined, with possibilities for customisation and control. Compared with technologies such as Wi-Fi, private networks provide advantages to industry in terms of speed, reliability, flexibility and security. Awareness of this technology is rapidly increasing and corporations are now making significant investments in the provision of private networks

Speaker Bio:

Head of UK Business Development at Cellnex, Martin Green has 25 years experience in process and industrial automation, working internationally in the chemical, energy and manufacturing sectors. Prior to joining Cellnex, Martin held senior positions at Emerson, Control Techniques and Brush Industrial Controls, gaining valuable insights working with some of the worlds best known industrial organisations. Martin is a long standing member and contributor at the InstMC and regularly participates in speaking engagements.