Closed Returnable Chemical Systems & the Circular Economy

Joint Speaker

Martin WillisInternational Sales Manager - Industrial Packaging Innovations

Time & Location

Thursday: 11.20 to 11.40, Stage 3

About this presentation

Joint presentation: Martin Willis – International Sales Manager, Industrial Packaging Innovations & Mark McVeigh – Regulatory Affairs Manager, OQEMA Ltd

Presentation authored by Giuseppe Fiorello who holds an MSc in Inorganic and Chemical Physics and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemists.

Climate change is a long-term trend. However, the biggest recent change in this area is increased certainty & accuracy of scientific predictions about the rate & effect of human impact on the climate. The UN’s 193 members adopted the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in 2015. This framework of 17 goals for sustainable economic development covers a wide range of activities & their impacts across key areas including economic development, climate change, environment improvement, water quality & urban development. Also the European Commission adopted in 2015 an ambitious circular economy package to help European business & consumers to make the transition to a stronger more ‘circular’ economy where resources are used in a more sustainable way. Given that a requirement of the EU circular economy drive is to reuse containers, contamination is an impediment to this ‘ but using a Closed Chemical System helps resolve this issue as reported by Oqema, SAFECHEM & others who are already using the System ‘ also for health & safety purposes. Thanks to the Closed System, reusing the plastic container has an impact not only for the environment ‘ for example raw materials, water, energy, CO2 but also an economic benefit for companies in terms of reduction of container expense, disposal & saving storage space & customer retention. It is this the responsibility of everyone on the planet to give constant support to drastically reduce environmental pollution in personal & professional life.

Speaker/Author bios:

Presentation authored by Giuseppe Fiorello who holds an MSc in Inorganic and Chemical Physics and is a member of the Royal Society of Chemists. Giuseppe is responsible for monitoring developments in the global regulatory sphere and advising IPI and other chemical companies on safe, responsible, and sustainable handling of chemicals for the operator and the environment.

Martin Willis is the International Sales Manager for IPI global and is responsible for business development of Closed Chemical Systems and sustainable packaging.

Mark McVeigh is an experienced Regulatory Affairs Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the chemicals industry. Project manager from conceptual design and construction of CoMAH chemical plants, CoMAH chemical warehousing and R&D projects. Skilled in CoMAH report Preparation, Negotiation, ISO 14001, technical Sales support, health and safety and Environmental Awareness.