Martin Willis

International Sales Manager - IPI Global

Presentation Title : A Closed Chemical System for Regulatory Compliance – Case Study

Abstract : Oqema Ltd (formerly Lansdowne Chemicals) in Oxfordshire have installed a system with Micro-Matic Closed Transfer technology to protect workers & environment from exposure to a carcinogen (hydrazine hydrate). ‘ Ensures compliance with Directive 2004/37/EC and recent Annex 1 to Regulation (EC) no. 1272/2008 (CLP) applying to 1017 substances (cat 1A and 1B carcinogens). (background attached). ‘ A UK HSE Case study has also been written about this: – It is also referred to by the Institute of Engineering and Technology in their 2017 report in annex 1: The presentation will show how Oqema use the technology. Pictures & video show how the container remains closed throughout distribution cycle: From initial filling at Oqema’s facility, to end dispense at the customer / point of use. The full story here (which will be shown):

Bio : Martin Willis is a Sales and Marketing Manager with a variety of experience in International business involving technical products. Areas of expertise include equipment for safe chemical handling, industrial adhesives (cyanoacrylate and anaerobic), and fibre additives for concrete and building materials.

He has worked for IPI Global Ltd. Since 2015, promoting Closed Transfer and the safe, responsible handling of chemicals globally, encouraging worker safety and environmental protection. IPI’s products incorporate technology from Micro Matic (Brooksville, USA) and Schäfer Werke (Neunkirchen, Germany) Martin is a graduate of the University of Birmingham (U.K.)