Close encounters of three reaction kinds

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.30 to 10.50, Stage 5


Martyn FordhamManaging Director – Asynt

About this presentation

“Discover the essential fundamentals of flow chemistry, photochemistry, and electrochemistry in “Close Encounters of Three Reaction Kinds”. Join Asynt as they delve into the transformative potential of these dynamic methodologies, uncovering the basic principles that drive innovation in the lab. Learn how Asynt’s range of products are designed to support researchers in maximizing the efficiency and precision of their experiments in flow, photo, and electrochemistry, gaining valuable insights and unlocking new possibilities in chemical synthesis.”

Speaker Bio:

Martyn has been working in the Chemistry field for over thirty years, going on to form Asynt Ltd in 2003. With a custom glass blowing background, Martyn has been involved in many product development programs, both for previous employers and now of course Asynt and Uniqsis of which Martyn is also founder and CEO. Martyn is head of product development within Asynt and is keen to expand the portfolio of products available with innovative and useful new tools for the laboratory.