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Matterhorn Studio - Matterhorn Studio enables your first step towards AI-driven materials discovery

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Wednesday: 15.00 to 16.30, Stage 2

Matterhorn Studio – Enabling your first step towards AI-driven materials discoveryJakob Zeitler, Research Scientist at Matterhorn Studio

About this Company

Theory and intuition can get you only so far in your materials R&D. Artificial intelligence, and especially machine learning (ML), provides a third dimension to your experimental planning: it helps you discover the next best experiment that you can learn from the most information. Matterhorn Studio streamlines the integration of ML in your laboratory and makes sure that your scientist can maximally include their hard-earned theory and intuition into the ML process. As a third pillar to your materials R&D,  Matterhorn Studio saves time, money and most importantly de-risks your research outcomes. Try our 5 minute tutorial today on https://matterhorn.studio and learn more about how you can make ML work in your laboratory.

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