Mo Chowdhury

Jr. Incubator Lead at AkzoNobel

Presentation Title : Leading Digital Transformation within a traditional industry

Abstract : Startups, accelerators and incubators seem to be what everyone is talking about. We recognise that having the agility of a small startup can reap benefits we in big corporations can dream of. At AkzoNobel we would like to share how our Innovation Incubator has demonstrated the value in running projects differently and producing results.

Bio : Mo completed his sponsored chemistry degree through AkzoNobel with a focus on polymer synthesis. Having moved from the Powder Coatings business unit into a central research team, he was responsible for exploring transformative innovation concepts that AkzoNobel could put resource behind into research. Now he is part of AkzoNobel’s Innovation Incubator where his expertise in digital technology is aiding the company on their digital transformation journey.